Almost Home Shelter & Rescue

almost home dog pic

Almost Home is an all-volunteer dog shelter & rescue that is dedicated to the love, care, and placement of dogs that are placed in our care. We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3). In accordance with the Van Buren Police Department, only dogs brought in by Van Buren Animal Control Officers can be accepted. For more information about volunteering, donating, and more, please visit our website by clicking this link.

State and City animal laws can be viewed at the links below: 

Van Buren Municipal Code Section 6.04 Dogs

Van Buren Municipal Code Section 6.08 Other Animals and Fowl

Van Buren Permitted & Conditional Land Use Legend:  Hogs, Goats, Sheep, Cattle and Horses – Conditional Use in all zones except C-1 and Historic District

Arkansas State Law - Criminal Offenses Against Animals - A.C.A. Title 5,  Chapter 62, Subchapters 102-110

Arkansas State Law - Public Health & Welfare - Animals - A.C.A. Title 20-Chapter 19